deborah adams


deborah's journey of becoming a yoga teacher was inspired by her desire to deepen her own personal practice. after years of experiencing the transformative benefits of yoga, she completed her 200 hour teacher training at yoga vida in nyc in 2014. deborah continues to study all aspects of yoga through a broadened array of classes + workshops which inspire her teachings.

when we begin to explore ourselves through the practice of yoga, we build the foundation for a joyful, authentic + rich life. deborah aims to support her students in creating their foundation + facilitate an experience on the mat that is informative, approachable + joyous. she is eternally grateful for her teachers + being able to share her love for yoga with others.

cristen barker

"as a guide i wish to inspire my students to look within, let go of boundaries + explore new heights. in my classes i hope to create space mentally, physically + spiritually through breath, asana + meditation. i want to offer my students the freedom to express their individuality + offer them a way to connect with their roots + discover their wings.” 

photograph by nigel barker.

photograph by nigel barker.

cristen is one half of the yoga + dance instagram account @chintwins, she has been practicing for over twenty years + she loves sharing her passion for yoga. she recently moved to woodstock from manhattan where she received her ytt from rebecca ketchum of kula yoga. she has led workshops + classes in nyc + la for private clients + large groups + is one the selected yogis representing aloyoga worldwide.

rae broderick

"to me, root means to create a strong, solid foundation in your innermost values + deepest relationships, so much so that you can grow, rise + flourish to meet the demands + changes of the day to day + pursue your wildest dreams while staying grounded in who you are. i hope to guide others along this journey of finding ease in body + mind so that they may live their happiest, healthiest + most radiant life."

photograph by jon greenhalgh.

photograph by jon greenhalgh.

mama + yoga + health guide, rae is a true believer in creating + living a life you love. rae is the founder + owner of root. woodstock. + began her yoga journey in high school with rodney yee vhs tapes, rolling out a sticky mat in her mother's bedroom. she recently relocated from the nyc area where she led classes at + managed stråla yoga in soho + completed both the advanced training for teachers + the 200-hour ready to lead training with tara stiles + mike taylor. she is an international yoga guide that has led classes  + workshops around the tri-state area + abroad including yoga journal's yoga in the park series in bryant park + on the spirit of ny's yoga cruise. she was the first guide to bring stråla yoga to northern ireland. she looks forward to continuing this yoga journey here in woodstock, new york, at root. 

leah gooch.

roots connect, stabilize, support + carry nutrition from the earth to a plant. a root is also the foundation of something, whether that be a word or a problem. in either case, roots play a pivotal role in the character of the extended subject. when considering that approximately every seven years each human cell dies + new ones are formed  + that as our cells make up the substance of our body, one may consider the importance of assessing the nutrition for + direction in which they are growing. exercise increases the amount of oxygen flowing into your cells + meditation brings the opportunity to be more aware of oneself, especially as one’s inner experience involves the fight or flight response. this intentional movement towards self-awareness can help direct those roots to grow in a direction that is organically aligned to the core of your natural being.

leah spent eight invigorating years teaching art in new york city schools. while she loved sharing art with students + working with her colleagues, her daily yoga + meditation practice was slowly transforming her life + she felt the need to delve into a deeper understanding + potentially how to share that understanding with others. she left new york city with a backpack + an open mind. after seven months of study, teaching + exploring peru + colombia she returned to her birthplace in upstate new york. her classes vary between muscle toning vinyasa, meditative hatha + relaxing yin with reiki energy healing. she fully believes that practicing yoga increases one’s ability to connect with one’s breath + body, thus approaching a deeper awareness of one’s existence. these tools, offered, can help one tap into the dormant + infinite potential.

pepper monroe

"for me, to root or be rooted means to have a proximity to the earth, a firm connection to the stability + support that comes from that relationship. to root is a way to return to our most natural + wild self. when we allow ourselves to be close to our roots, we are reminded of our belonging + that we are not alone. that there is an infinite capacity for growth coming from a solid place. we are reminded that we can trust what we feel inside."

pepper is an intuitive healer, a nurturing believer + a compassionate creator. the environment she creates is warm, welcoming + super supportive. she takes you to the depths of your internal guidance + speaks in a language that truly resonates on a soul level. pepper is a yoga instructor, breathwork teacher + reiki practitioner. she has practiced the healing arts for nearly 18 years + has studied with some of the world’s leading masters. her classes often follow the principles of relax + renew restorative yoga from judith hanson lasater + are heavily influenced by her studies + guidance with elena brower from her art of attention advanced teacher training. pepper continues to work with her breathwork teacher david elliot on deepening the message of healing into our lives.

her classes, workshops + training's encourage spirit seekers toward creativity + self-discovery with ways to approach their life with generosity + an open heart. pepper works with people all over the world, traveling + leading healing retreats. she loves spending time among the trees, digging in the dirt + smelling salty air.